Speech of the Governor

Dear friend,

The new KIWANIS year of the District BELGIUM-LUXEMBOURG has begun and we welcome you to our new website.

Go through it and see what Kiwanis is doing and the commitment of the approximately 4,000 Kiwanians in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The members of our 200 clubs voluntarily work about 120,000 hours a year on social projects explained here. To carry out our motto ‘Serving the Children of the World’ we do fundraising with club and coordinated activities like the Kiwanis pop, Special Olympics, Viva for Life and many others. But more of that in the website.

We all know that children need our support now more than ever. We see far too many distressing situations not only abroad but also in Belgium. And they range from real need for basic needs to mental well-being.

At Kiwanis, we work tirelessly to help as many children as we can. And the results are there because we have already put many smiles on faces. We are making a difference.

An appeal

Hence also my appeal to you to think about committing to this charity. We need as many enthusiastic members as possible to help even more. After all, the need is getting higher and higher.

You can join an existing club or, even better, you can start one yourself. 3 to 5 of you are enough, with the full support of the District leadership, to become a new force at Kiwanis. Anyone with a good heart is welcome because that is our main requirement.

And in addition to your valuable work, you will suddenly have a 4,000-strong group of friends. Because that’s what we really are at Kiwanis. This year’s motto is not for nothing: Friendship Through Service.

One more good trip through the website and hopefully you will be convinced.

All the best!

Sincerely Kiwanis,
Miguel Stevens

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