Okidoo, an education project for children


Fostering positive emotional development in children, allowing them to develop care and respect for themselves and others, is critical for them to become emotionally intelligent adults.

But we increasingly read that it is difficult for children to achieve this balance. Despite all the good initiatives, bullying in and out of school is still commonplace.

This is why Okidoo, in collaboration with the principals of participating schools, organizes preventive emo-social trainings to prevent psychological problems and violence. This benefits society and the economy, but especially children and youth.


The mission of Okidoo, with the support of Kiwanis, is to give all elementary school children access to social-emotional training, whether or not it is an integral part of the school curriculum.


Okidoo is a coaching program for children ages 6 to 12 for which elementary school can enroll. The program schedules a number of sessions per school year for several consecutive school years. Concrete is about improving concentration, learning to be more aware of emotions, increasing self-confidence and self-acceptance, and ultimately becoming more resilient to the stresses of this society. These challenges are best addressed at an early age so that schools can play a preventive role in preventing bullying, violence, psychological problems, depression, ……


Today, this project is being implemented in 12 elementary school in the Ostend region.
But Okidoo is very ambitious and the goal is to roll it out further on a provincial, and why not national level, and to train more trainers to strengthen the current three.

Kiwanis will continue to fully support this action and, as future plans make clear, support is needed to keep even more children off this vital project.

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