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Start a club

Set up a club? Yes you can!

If you are interested in joining Kiwanis and working for the welfare of children you are always welcome to join one of the existing clubs in your area.

But what if you have the ambition to start your own club with friends and like-minded people? You can, too. And we unreservedly welcome it!

Of course, there are some requirements.

  • The social goal is to help children.
  • A club needs 3 to 5 founding members.
  • Later, a club needs a minimum of 15 members who are at least 18 years old.
  • A club can be mixed or consist of only men or only women.
  • There is a commitment to meet: ideally 2x per month but 1x is also possible. Time off for committee work should be provided.
  • Three basic documents must be completed and approved by Kiwanis International.
  • Support is available from Kiwanis International, the District Belgium-Luxembourg and the local Lieutenant Governor. You are not alone!

But above all:

  • A selfless commitment to give some of your free time to fundraise and support projects that help children in need.
  • Being a member of the Kiwanis family takes a good heart and a vision to actually get involved with 4,000 friends.
  • And what must not be forgotten is that we have tremendous fun together.

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